Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Should cigarette smoking be banned?

Yes I think cigarette smoking should be banned. Why is that ? There are multiple reasons why it should be banned. Besides that I don't like the smell and the smoke makes me noxious, it's not healthy. Some people smoke for multiple reasons like for showing off or it feels good or it's cold and so on... The outcomes of smoking are so many that I don't know why people would go to so much pain for just a little cigar. I always say too much of good things is never good because it will last for a moment and the pain is preparing itself to come no matter what.
Look at this disgusting mouth. By smoking too much you are more likely to have an oral cancer. That's pretty sad !
I will encourage every smoker to quit if you like yourself and your surroundings. When I say surroundings, I mean the people around you. They don't have to be a member of ur family or a friend, it's everybody because the smoke is more harmful to them than you. That's the worst ever, you don't smoke but because one or two persons do around you, you will get the disease or worse. So please to you, smoker, stop. It will be good for you and everybody.

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