Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Is lottery a good idea?

There's a good and a bad side about the lottery. The good side is when you actually win a thousand or a million dollars but it will cost you a lot of money until you actually have it. That's where the bad side comes in. You will lose sometimes what you cherish the most and I don't think the money is worthier than your family or your life. It's true that when you win a million dollars, that is the greatest feeling ever. With this money, you can accomplish a lot of things like help your family, buy new stuffs, have a total different kind of life. It's like a dream come true when you see all that money but also can be a nightmare when you lose all of it so you have to be careful with playing the lottery. I am not saying to not play it but to be aware of the  consequences after playing too much.

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